Monday, April 25, 2016

On the table this week....

Some progress on a couple of projects this week. I managed to make some headway on the Viking dude from Red Box Games over the last couple of weekends. I'd have liked to be a little further along with him... but thanks to some minor health problems and work he's taking a bit longer. He is turning out really nicely though... the colors I chose are working will together. Just needs the shield and some details painted and he'll be done.

The elves beside him are another story. Only progress on those two was a basecoat of fleshtone... had left over when I was working on Viking dude. The one of the left is almost done... just some work on the flesh and some detailing and he'll be done. Elf on the right is a couple of steps behind his buddy. 

Beside the elves you'll notice a Zombie from Mantic games. He's the starting point on my Dragton Rampant Undead warband. I decided to spice up the appearance of the Undead by giving them some nicer basing treatments... aka chunks of Sculpey and plasticard. I have two groups of 12 of these guys to paint (and they only cost me 2 pts...). I'll also be fielding 3 units of skeletons, a unit of ghouls, and possibly a Dracolich or something along those lines. Not a fan of how Vampires are treated as an elite styled unit rather than a command option... especially since I have tons of Vampires from Warhammer to use.

Back to the left you'll see Achmed the Terrorist. Why am I painting him? Got the idea of painting up some whacky Zombicide alternative models... and he's the first one of the batch. Still working out exactly how to paint him up...I want to go for a black shirt, camo pants... maybe a black mask.. but I'm having some trouble figuring out the best approach for the black on him.

Beside him are the first two Vikings from my recent Gripping Beast purchase. These are by far the best Viking plastics ever. They aren't that different size and style wise from my Foundry and Black Tree Vikings, easy to assemble, AND they aren't posed like they have a stick up their ass. But fear not, my old Wargames Factory vikings are getting cannibalized for my Undead warband... mainly weapons and shields. I figure it'll help push the whole Draugr motif.

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