Sunday, January 11, 2015

Setting some specific goals for 2015.

I think setting a couple of hobby goals for this year might be in order... otherwise I'll meander around like I've done for the past four years and not really get anything done.

So.. these are my four "basic" painting/hobby/gaming goals of 2015.
  • Russians for Bolt Action. 
  • Couple of Inquisitors and their Retinues for playing Inquisimuda.
  • Sci-Bor Resin Inquisitor kit
  • Zombicide Fatties
Gonna try and post some photos tonight... although the bulk of my progress has been "waiting for it to get warm enough to primer".

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 or Holy Crap I've Been Doing This for Twenty Years...

Another year has passed and my mountain of unpainted stuff is still monstrous. Granted, my efforts at reducing it for the last four or five years have been kinda half assed. But by Crom, 2015 I intend to use all of my ass.

Before I list my "hobby resolutions" I should probably point out that I actually did absolutely nothing I listed last year. However, 2014 wasn't without some hobby accomplishments:
  • Managed to paint several historical models in 2014. Vikings, pirates, Victorian Explorers, and even some WWII stuff.
  • Painted a few Reaper models after not painting any for about 3 or 4 years.
  • Painted a couple of my old Warhammer models. Got around to goblins I purchased fifteen years ago.
  • Realized I don't do theme months or self imposed deadlines. Stuff gets done when it gets done and I've made my peace with that.
I'm sure there was more but the rest probably weren't worth mentioning if I can't remember them. So this year, I'm going to keep my hobby resolutions simple:
  • One year moratorium on purchasing new models. Not getting anything until 2016... I don't care how cool something is.
  • Not buying anymore Bones models. I have enough... time to paint what I have and stick a fork in them. This is a "from now on" and not confined to a year.
  • Paint a squad or regiment of something... I don't care what but I'm going to finish something this year.
  • Zenithal lighting and blending. I actually used to do that kind of thing but stopped after Otto passed away. Time to start doing it again.
  • Clear bases on boardgame and RPG models. They look really friggin' cool.
  • Sell some stuff. Unpainted stuff going on Ebay this year. I predict massive casualties to Reaper stuff and maybe some old Warhammer stuff. I don't know why I have Bretonnian Pegasi, but they gotta go.
  • Airbrush. Use it. If nothing else just to do mass base coating. 
  • Organize. Organize. Organize.
  • Set up gaming area in garage and play some Zombicide and Inquisitor.
I think the hardest thing will be the year of not buying new models, but has to be done. Going to be tough to not purchase any new models at Gen Con (although I might let myself buy some then as it's a special occasion, but definitely no more mail order, ebay, or going to stores).

Later taters, I gotta go basecoat Baba Yaga.