Sunday, April 3, 2016

On the table this week...

So this is my "in progress" pile at the moment along with some of the more recent finished items. It's a big pile, but one I hope to be done with before Gen Con this year. Most of my to do models are either Zombicide S1 and LotR Mirkwood Elves... with a few metal models scattered about. And poor Boba Fett... sitting there in that state for the last 5 months.

These two I've been working on over the weekend. The one on the left is almost done and the one on the right is about 75% the way there. I was painting them both at the same time, but once I got the the brown leathers I opted to finish them seperately. Makes sense as those areas require a little more TLC than the jerkins. I fully expect to be done with both and two more by this time next week.

For the record, not a fan of the kneeling elf's pose. Kinda meh... although each elf in that box is in a unique pose which is nice. Had the LotR plastics in the early 2000s been like that, I'd probably have bought more of them.

Here are a few finished models. The Vampire on the left is an old Reaper model from 2000-2001... I'd originally bought him to use as a Blood Dragon character. Now he's just a champion of some sort in my Undead collection. He'll probably be put in charge of a gaggle of skeletons.

Beside him is a skeleton from Mantic. I opted to give these a whirl as I was thinking about starting a KoW undead army. The model isn't bad despite some odd anatomy choices. I went for a sort of Wrath of the Lich King effect for his eyes... doesn't show up on a single model well, but I figure maybe in a group it would. Anyway, he's also part of my Undead collection... and will probably end up getting used for Frostgrave.

Dwarf on the right is one of the dwarfs I had for the Skullpass box set. Ended up painting him as I really though the standard and all the candles looked really neat. I did not do any fancy glows on him... went for more classic WD look.

Next up are some greenskins. The Orc is part of my WHFB Orcs and Gobbos army. I had thought about updating them to AoS... but I already have a Chaos horde for that... so I kept them compatible with WHFB 6th. 

The goblins to the right are from Red Box Games. I probably would have enjoyed painting them more if they weren't so frikkin' tiny. The Crone on the left was painted with a more classic Warhammer style goblin skin, while the champion to the right got a similar tone that the archer I painted last year got.

Last but not least, some models from Zombicide and Super Dungeon Explore. My efforts to make a dent in the pile of models I have to paint for those have been futile as this is as far as I've gotten since the holidays.

Still plan to push on with these and hopefully be done with most my S1 walkers by the time the rest of my Black Plague stuff arrives.

Also, you may have noticed I've gotten a nice big box of Vikings from Gripping Beast. I haven't given up on my Warhammer Ancients stuff. I just hope I can find someone who makes some nice plastic Bondi and Huscarls (not Wargames Factory...ugh...).

Yeah... not the greatest post after being silent for three months... but I plan to post more often if time permits.

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