Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yeah... no blog entry from two months...

I've been going full blast on Gen Con prep since mid May... which means a lot of overtime and a lot of weekends spent on something other than painting. I managed to get most of the stuff off to presses by the end of June... so I've been able to squeeze a little bit of painting in over the last couple of weeks. Mainly worked on a couple of personal pieces as I needed to shake the rust off and you don't do that on commission pieces.

First one up is the Harbinger of Darkness from Crocodile Games. I bought this at the War Room about 13 or 14 years ago. Diane and I both liked these... she liked the Egyptian theme and I liked that they were sculpted by Chris Fitzpatrick (I like his work so much I even bought some Dark Elves). Going with my usual Tomb Kings/Nefsokar color scheme that I use on all my mummy models. I'm actually thinking about going with a red for the handle of the flail... just to add some zing to the color scheme. Going with a brown for the bandages rather than bone white... mainly so they look old and rotten.

Next to him are two Zombicide models from the S1 box set. I've opted to stick close to the box art color schemes for these two... more freshly dead than old and rotten. Don't know if I'll revisit that greenish fleshtone or not. Both have had Blood for the Blood God globbed over top some reddish brown stains.. Kept the painting style simple as the definition on the walker models aren't as clean as they are in the later sets. For those keeping score at home, I have 7 more fatties and 7 more of this type of walker left.... and 40 additional walkers, 8 runners, 7 survivors, and an abomination to finish up to complete my S1 box (I also have a walk of the dead and angy zombie set to do as well). Will I finish the S1 stuff before my Black Plague stuff arrives... maybe half of it but definitely not all.

Might be a couple of weeks until the next blog post... I'll be at Gen Con all next week. But I'll have plenty of photos to share, so not so bad.