Monday, June 30, 2014

The Quest for Warhammer Quest...

originally posted @ eldritch epistles. 
When I originally saw the photo of this diorama, I knew then and there that Warhammer Quest was the GW game for me. Unfortunately, it was the one GW game I have never been able to obtain as a boxed game. I have some of the models and pdf downloads of the books and tiles, but not the genuine article. 

And let's be honest, there is no way I'm plopping down close to $200 on Ebay for one.

So, the only way I'm going to get my Warhammer Quest fix on is to go full on DIY with it. 

As of this moment, I'm working on painting up a group of plastic Skeletons from the late 90s and a Vampire/wizard to lead them (also from the classic era). While I'm trying to stick with classic models, I do plan to add some of the newer VC vampires and ghouls in as well. Just wish I didn't sell off all my plastic GW zombies before we moved....but I can probably pick some up cheap on ebay. Or...I could use Mantic zombies as a worst case scenario.

I don't know whether I'll ever end up building 3D custom tiles..especially since there are so many tile sets for sale at Drivethrurpg. Literally...a shit ton of dungeon tiles.

I will however be building some backdrops for photographing the models (along with all my other fantasy models) using Mike McVey's diorama as inspiration.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Some guy and a pirate...

This week I've been working on a Steel Legion trooper from my Imperial Gu…errr…uh…Astra Militarum collection.  I picked this guy and a gaggle of his buddies up on eBay back in 2000 (I also picked up a Sentinel to go with them….but the asshole seller never sent it). 

I'm attempting to give the model a more modern style paint scheme…more warm muted earth tones inspired by World War 2 military color schemes. It's almost the same color palette as my WW2 Soviets…and my 40k Valhallans.

For the overcoat, I'm using Vallejo Khaki which was shaded with Vallejo English Uniform. I've added some highlights, but I'm trying to keep them subtle as I think "extreme highlighting" on cloth just looks awful (and apparently it's all the GW painters do now). I'm going to add another layer or two of highlights before calling the overcoat done.

His helmet, trousers, and large pieces of kit are Vallejo Russian Green. Normally, it's a color I'd only use for helmets and other metal objects…but I think it'll work nicely to break up all the brown on his legs.

The boots, gloves, and the rest of his kit are getting Ceramcoat Spice Brown with a bit of Ceramcoat Charcoal mixed in. I'm probably going to add a bit more to desaturate that brown. I'll highlight by adding a light gray to the base mixture…which should give it a worn and faded look. 

A side note, the models from 2000 pale in comparison to the more modern models. Heck, compare these to models from 2004-2006 and you'd think it was another company. 

This handsome bastard is a pirate from Wargames Foundry. He's painted in the usual Dallimore influenced style I use for those types of models (technically, I use that style for all my historicals). I kept the color scheme simple…Reaper Dragon blue for his head scarf…Reaper Orc Flesh for his shirt…and a custom brownish red for his pants. Trust me, it's there…you'll be able to see once I do the "glamour" shots of these guys.

That's all for this week. Now I'm going to run outside and cover the grill as I hear thunder.

Monday, June 2, 2014

In Russia…no I don't like this mini enough to even bother finishing this zinger...

Ever have a model that you start painting but then realize half way through it is gonna turn out like ass? Yet you still keep painting as you've already sunk a ton of time into it. Tons of precious time you could have spent on something else…but no you had to finish "it".

If you answered yes, then you will understand the situation I was in with Yuri over there. 

Just couldn't justify throwing him away after putting in some serious hours on him…although looking at him you couldn't tell. Detailing which I thought would look nice once it was painted did not…and those straps that make up his sleeves…ugh. The only thing I actually like about the model are the hard armor bits as it gave me an excuse to try out my Vallejo Soviet Armor Green (which I like). But the folds in the clothing…the face…the hands…not so great. Things like the face and hands I suspect were do to bad casting (smushed face, lack of clean detail in on the hands). Other stuff…who knows. All I know is while there were two of these guys in the package…I will only be painting the one. 

So in conclusion, I wish I'd painted another historical models instead.