Friday, December 17, 2010

In Progress back log....

This is an in progress shot of the Ork Nob I have on the bench currently. Despite taking this at the end of October, this is pretty much where he is at the moment. I'm currently getting bogged down with the Orkish skintone....I usually do a brownish green for my orks but I'm not liking it anymore. It works great for Rackham's orcs, but not for my GW ones (don't know why...just the way it is with me). So, I am working on a Reaper fantasy orc to try out some new color ideas for flesh tone (and to add to my fantasy RPG mini's lonely with just the halfling).
I kinda neglected my blog throughout November and most of a little update on something I started.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Couple of models I finished or possibly both of them are Xmas gifts for friends.

Zombie Hitler here is from Reaper's Chronoscape line. I started painting it on a whim and the more I painted on him, the more I liked him. I went for the chancellor uniform color scheme as I wanted something that would:

a. contrast with the flesh as any sort of green just wouldn't do it.
b. be bright enough for any weathering to show up.
I'm sure I am on some sort of FBI watchlist now considering how many times I googled Hitler and Nazi uniforms....

Next up is a Leprechaun I got back in 04. He is one of three from the pack. I went with the obligatory Leprechaun color scheme...although I did paint his clothing with a much more subdued green. Sort of reminds me of the Leprechaun from the movies of the same name.