Thursday, June 30, 2016

Long weekend painting challenge...

Anytime I have a long weekend, I like to set a little painting goal... mainly so I feel like I actually accomplished something other than grilling an awesome steak and mowing the front yard. As I have Monday off for July 4th, I am preparing my challenge model for painting.

Meet Amiri...  the Pathfinder iconic Barbarian. Yes, I bought yet another Barbarian model... I know so out of character for me. What I like about this mini is she is not clad in a chainmail bikini or a leopard skin thong. Never been a fan of that whole thing... sure it looks cool on the side of a van as she's fighting a firebreathing Jimi Hendrix while some wizard watches in a crystal ball... but that's about it.

Anyway... I'll be painting the Bones version of her on this long weekend. The model itself actually has a really nice amount of detail and no funky spots caused by the casting (that I can find). I think I might have to freehand some of the texture on the trim of her armor, but still a good model over all. If only the Bones version of the Whispering Tyrant wasn't so crummy.... but alas.

I've already removed mine from her broccoli base, inserted a pin in her foot, and primered her black with Army Painter Black Primer. Just need to do a little touch up on the primer and she'll be ready to roll Friday night. 

Oh yeah... I painted some stuff (finally). See the dwarf in the back... he went in the Pinesol the next day.

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