Monday, December 31, 2012

Probably the last post of 2012....

This is an in progress shot of the "prototype" paint scheme for the zombie horde. 

The fleshtone is Reaper Moldy skin washed with a mixture of Reaper Ghoul Flesh and a small amount of Ceramcoat Dark Burnt Umber. 

The eyes are Warzone Venusian Green and they were highlighted by adding small amounts of white. I also used a glaze of Venusian Green to do the glow effect around the eye sockets.
The shredded clothing has been base coated with a mixture of Ceramcoat Golden Brown and Charcoal Gray. I'm going for a generic color scheme on clothing so I can use them for fantasy, modern, & sci fi gaming.

The edge of the base has been painted with a mixture of Ceramcoat Black and a small amount of Future Floor Polish. I'll actually hit it once more with that mixture to get a nice matte finish that won't chip. The trick is to use only a small amount of Future in the mix. If you get it right, you'll get a nice smooth finish that will be scratch and chip resistant.

I'll be posting a new photos sometime during the day on New Years which I hope I'll have him finished.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Workbench Update 12-15-2012

Once again, it's time for a workbench update.

First up...Imperial Assassin.

Her armor was basecoated with Nepharite Red (Warzone Colors) and then layered up by mixing in Ceramcoat Bright Red and a small amount of Blazing Orange (the coat d' arms mixture...not the current Citadel versions). In case you are wondering, I wanted to shake things up a bit so I dug into my stockpile of paint and pulled out colors I haven't used in quite a while.

Her flesh was basecoated with Graveton Tan (again Warzone Color) and then washed with Ceramcoat Dark Burnt Umber. The flesh was then layered back up using Graveton Tan and then highlighted by adding in small amounts of Legionnaire Flesh (Warzone Color). I did a final highlight of watered down Legionnaire flesh on the highest points of the face.

The black was done using my usual method as was the parchment strips.

The blade on the power sword was basecoated with Ceramcoat North Sea blue mixed with Ceramcoat Charcoal Gray. I then layered it up by adding small amounts of white to the base color...nothing fancy.

The base is a Armorcast resin base. I had to remove the 20mm round base portion to mount it on the lipped base. I am planning to do a painting instructional for painting a similar Armorcast base stay tuned and you can learn the techiniques I used.

Next up are some personal projects....
These two fellas I've been working on since the end of September...mainly when I had a spare minute or two. 

These two have been painted in a layered style similar to the style Kevin Dallimore and Steve Dean paint in. I have found that style looks really good on historicals and old GW Empire models. 

That style is actually my default style...I just add in some blending rather than layering on the higher end models...I guess that style is closer to Mike Anderson's style (also a major inspiration for my painting).

And finally, this little fella. The first model I've primered with white in a long, long time. I have been wanting to do a seasonal type model...I figure this one was the way to go. I'm hoping to have him and his helper done before Xmas.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Workbench 12-5 Edition

Nothing much to show. I've actually gone back in and pretty much redone all the red and black areas on this model. I have to admit...this model is going to wind up in my "Never Again" list as it just isn't that great of a model. I'm sure a lot of people think it's a great sculpt...but I just don't like it.