Tuesday, January 19, 2016

First post of the New Year...

...and screw the New Year's Resolutions.

I usually do one of these stupid posts every year and it contains a list of 20 or so miniature painting related "resolutions" that I pretty much ignore by end of the month. Let's be honest, we all at least make an attempt at changing things up... but as always the shit hits the fan and "good intentions" are the first casualty in "Shit has to get done!". 

So... rather than bore you with my crazy love of lists I am going to dive right into the whole miniature painting thing.

So what's new? Giants and Barbarians (technically they aren't new but I got around to working on them). When I think of fantasy, I pretty much immediately think of the art of Frank Frazetta and all those fantastic barbarian pieces he did. And it may come as no small surprise that I have a lot of barbarian miniatures. Oddly enough, I very seldom end up painting any of them. Well... until now.

The two fellows in the foreground are part of my Barbarian collection. The fellow on the left is part of a group of models I bought in 98 as part of a Dogs of War homebrew regiment. Not bad models although they changed sculptors in the middle and so the difference was quite jarring (although I love both Kev Adams and Kev White's work).

The other fellow is from Grenadier and sculpted by probably my favorite sculptor Mark Copplestone. Lucky for me, Mirliton rereleased all of these guys... so I can actually build an army of Conans... or I could if I could remember where my Wargames Illustrated with the army list was.

Painting wise, Barbarian #1 is done in a color scheme reminiscent of Chaos Undivided Marauders. Just can't justify more red considering I also have a pile of AoS Khorne guys to paint. His color scheme has pretty much kept to the three color rule... gray, brown, and flesh. I also used a fake zenithal light technique where I just picked out the "top stuff" with the final highlight. This is a battle line kinda guy... so I'm not really gonna throw a ton of time at shading or highlighting on him.

Barbarian #2 I used a color scheme of  brown, flesh, and gray... but I also added in some accent colors here and there. These are some of my favorite models so I wanted to give them a little more love. I used a style similar to Kevin Dalimore's for this guy... with some glazing to help my layers blend. I've always loved the way his barbarian models looked and I wanted mine to look the same.

In the background you will notice my three Partha giants... that I forgot I bought in 2013. For me Partha was always really hit or miss with their models... there are some real gems and there are some real duds. The giants... total gems. I think the first one I will tackle will be the Frost Giant. I have no idea what I'll use him for... but it's too cool of a model to care.