Friday, April 20, 2012

Where the f@(k have I been?

Been a while since I had a chance to update the blog. Since my last post, I started working on some AWI British infantry from All the Kings Men which is owned by my good friend Ken Cliffe. These are something new for me as they are 54mm and from a historical period I've never painted.
While the 54mm aspect is sort of intimidating for me, they are really fun to paint. The details are nice and large and I seldom have to use a brush smaller than a Citadel Standard Brush. Pictured above are the first 7 models...sort of the trial bunch as I've been trying to work out what painting methods work best for me. Another great thing is that painting these is forcing me to paint multiple models at the same time and I plan to take the lessons I've learned from these and apply it to some of my 28mm historicals (and maybe one day to my GW stuff....). Stay tuned as I will be posting some more photos later this weekend...hopefully finished shots of the guys above.