Monday, February 20, 2012

Workbench Update for 2/20/2012

Yes, after a couple weeks of nothing, I have returned bearing images of non GW type Space Marine sorts of guys. Well, only one of them but since he's about the size of a 40mm model he sort of counts a two.

This particular model is the Templar Knight from Scibor's Monstrous Miniatures and I belive they are from his Sci Fi Knights line
. As you can see, I am painting him in the classic Black Templars color but without the Black Templar chapter markings. Not really a space for them really.

The model is incredibly detailed although some of the definition of the details leaves a little to be desired but there are no major flubs on the model. I opted for an antique and aged look to the model as I wanted my version to
be a departure from the other versions I've seen. I wanted to push the whole Gothic Sci Fi feel and I didn't think brightly painted pastel color metals could get that feeling across. And before you say I have a problem with NMM, let me say that I am currently working on my NMM technique for painting up my Super Dungeon Explore models. That is one place I feel that style is appropriate.

The gold metallic on this model was painted over an undercoat of Ceramcoat Autumn Brown. I then basecoated with Apple Barrel Pure Gold which was washed with Ceramcoat Dark Burnt Umber. For the first highlight, I mixed Folk Art Pearl White into my gold and built up the highlight by gradually adding more. The final highlight was done with Violator Metal from Prince August's Warzone paint line. The tunic is Ceramcoat Sandstone with Charcoal Gray added in. I highlighted by adding more Sandstone and small amounts of white to the mixture. Once the final highlight was applied, I glazed the tunic with the basecoat color in order to blend the highlights more. The fleshtone is my special fleshtone mixture of about seven different colors. That was highlight by adding small amounts of white to the mixture and was then glazed with the basecoat color.

I still haven't made up my mind about freehand designs on the cowl as of yet. Since the model is so detailed, I really don't think it is necessary and might muddy up the final product. I am also refraining from battle damage and rust on this one. I think some weathering is appropriate, but again I don't want to muddy up the final product.

That concludes tonight's blog entry. I promise I am working on updating the blog more often as well as working on getting the Paintshop of Horrors website back up and running. Until next time...good night.

Mike C.