Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rat Bastard!

Got some more done on the Half Orc (not as much as I'd have liked to) and I also painted a Giant Rat from Reaper's Bones line.

First up, the Half Orc. As you can see he now has his weapon attached and the painting has begun on that new edition. I'm also going in and doing up all the details on his trousers and boots now. As this is a Tre Manor model, there are tons of details. I'm hoping the holidays will give me some time to wrap him up.

Now the rat. Okay, this is one of those models where the problems with all the Bones stuff really show up. Normally, when the detail on one of these is lacking, I'll paint it in myself like the fur on the big ass orc I painted earlier in the year. However, when the model you are painting is covered in fur... that lack of detail can become problematic. On this one, I basecoated dark and then drybrushed the shit out of it. Once I'd finished that, I glazed it with some Agrax Earthshade to cut down on the dusty effect drybrushing creates. At that point, I decided to pick out the details and roll with it. The tail is Rakarth Flesh that was washed with Army Painter Strong Shade as I needed a vivid divider between the tail and the floor. I did add some Nurgle's Rot to the base and paws to give it a little more character. I guess the important thing to remember about the rats is they are a group or horde and not a single model. In that context, it looks pretty good I think.

Time to wrap things up... my mom will be here in two hours for Thanksgiving extravaganza.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Half Orc Half WayDone... I think

He's gettin' there. Probably would have had more progress had Warlords of Draenor not released last week. The upper body is almost done, just need to paint the feathers on the arrow and add some dark blue to the tattoos.

The next step on this guy will be the loin cloth thing and the gear around his waist. All the ornate stuff I'm treating as "loot" from one of his many adventures as he's obviously not someone who'd normally be carrying such fancy and ornate weaponry and artifacts.

After that come the legs and boots...probably the fastest and easiest part as they are mostly bornw. I'm using Rakarth Flesh on the cuffs of his boots...basically going for a bare hide or the underside of a hide there. With so many different browns being used for leathers, Rakarth Flesh is a nice way to break up all that brown.

Once all that is done, I still have his wierd axe staff thing to do, but I doubt it will take very long.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

On the painting table this week...

I haven't done this style of post in a long time but I figure what better way to come back from a month of blog silence.

The models I have going at the moment (from left to right):
  • Old Glory Pirate Captain - Why am I painting Old Glory again? I think it was mainly the model had been sitting in my "to do" pile for the last 12-13 years and I figured what the hell. For those who may wonder, his main colors have been Gretchin Green (coat), Codex Gray (shirt and cuffs), and Gnarloc Green (pants). I didn't start out trying to use as much GW paint on him intentionally but I have been trying to use more of my vast paint stash (trust's massive and takes up just as much space as my miniatures). I'm painting him using my historicals layering style (although I use it for a lot of other stuff as well).
  • Viktor Pendrake - I am painting two of these for a friend. The first one I am revisiting the Trigun styled version of Viktor I did in 2011. To the far right you can see all the paints I have gathered for this fella. His cloak will be base coated with Ceramcoat Barn Red (or maybe Apple Barrel Barn Red...whichever looks nicer). His armor will be done as a black laquered armor (maybe some battle damage chipping) and his trousers possibly striped using Ceramcoat Charcoal as a base.
  • Half Orc Barbarian Dude - Another model for a friend. For this one, I'm going in a different direction on the orc fleshtone...pulling from World of Warcraft rather than Warhammer. I'm going with a reddish brown tone similar to that of Garrosh Hellscream's. I think if I use regular flesh tone to create the highlights, it should give me a really cool look. If not, then it's time for the Pinesol. I also intend to add a couple of tribal tattoos to the left arm and possible the face. For these, Ceramcoat Charcoal mixed with Apple Barrel Black as a base (might add some flow improver to give me a little more precision). His clothing will be done in all earthtones as he is clad in furs and leather.  If this works, I think all my RPG orcs are going this route as there is only so much green flesh I can handle.
Tune in next time when I'll have in progress shots....and hopefully not take a month between posts next time.