Monday, February 23, 2015

"Loving you is a dirty job..."

I'm gonna hold you 'til the end of time
I'm gonna love you 'cause it's now or never
I'm gonna kiss you till I make you mine

Lovin' You Is a Dirty Job
Lovin' You Is a Dirty Job
Lovin' You Is a Dirty Job

Yes, those are lyrics to the song Ratt tried to foist on us twice...once in 90 and again in 97. Also yes, hair metal is one of my guilty pleasures (that Winger guy writes some catchy songs dammit). Can't be all death and doom metal all day everyday.

So I finished three of six rats from Reaper. Still not the biggest fan of the casting on these models with the new Bones material. The fur texture doesn't really come through as nicely and no segmenting at all on the tails. I still might blend a little pink in from the tips of each tail just to add a little more umph to them. 

Sure, I give the Bones stuff  a hard time... but in all fairness it's only to the smaller stuff like critters and things like that. I actually really like most of the line... I just want to caution anyone thinking about buying them is that they are not the same quality as metal or resin. I actually have a seperate rate I charge to paint Bones as they aren't as detailed or elegant as their metal counterparts. 

This fella is Hellakin. He's also a Reaper Bones model... one of the first I bought. He's not a bad model if you look past his kinda bendy knife and futzed up detail on his feet (they get kinda crummy). Painted up relatively quick (did him over a weekend) and makes a great NPC.

Plus I'm sure you've seen the Orc Warboss (he's the big orc below).
If I didn't have the metal model to compare to, I'd have never noticed the minor casting problems.

But that's the deal with Bones... the bigger the model is, the better it looks. If I can somehow score that big ass metal hill giant from the new wave, I'm getting it (even though I have the metal one as well).

So to wrap up... Ratt was never a great band and the bigger Bones models are pretty sweet.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Finally scored a little bit of time to paint...

Juggling three huge books tends to eat up one's time. However, I managed to score an hour and half of painting time this evening and here are the results:

On the left is a Reaper Half Giant I am painting on commission for a friend. If you haven't noticed, the model is incredibly top heavy and awkward. He's actually fallen off everything I mounted him on... I finally had to epoxy his big ass on a 40mm round base (and epoxy 4 metal washers under the bottle cap to keep him from tipping over). His paint scheme is black armor with grey trousers... sort of loosely based on Blade of the Berserker. Not the greatest miniature ever... but certainly not the worst either. Hoping to wrap him up this weekend so I can quick knock out 5 more rats.

To his right is my personal project I've been working on while the big guy dries (including the 24 hours I let the epoxy on big guy's base cure). Standard second gen Sons of Kronos warrior... and I believe he's a Kev White sculpt (I'd be shocked if it wasn't). Waivering back and forth on throwing him in the Pinesol jar as he just isn't popping the way I want him too. Maybe it's because I only started messing with him because he was primered... which is not a great reason to paint a model.

Anyway... come back by next week when I'll be showing off some more Zombicide models and hopefully a completed half giant with several rat friends.