Saturday, October 29, 2011

So...the Paintshop is back open for business...

So many of you know of the carnage that happened at CCP/White Wolf on Oct. 19 and that I was caught up in it. I won't go into details as you can find those all over the various forums and blogs on the internet.

During my time there over the last 12 years I have started and shut down my commission painting work due to various reasons, the main one being that there just wasn't any time to do any. Well, things have a way of changing and I think it might be time to reopen the Paintshop once again...but this time for good.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be putting together a new site (along with one that showcases my Level Design and Graphic Design skills), with new images and a general pricing guide (it's just a jumping off point for prices as some models may cost more or less).

If you have ever looked at my old site...or have ever had something painted by me, you know what what my painting capabilities are....and they will be even better in just a few weeks as I get back into old painting workflow.

And it does not matter whether you are miniatures company or a miniature aficionado...I deliver the most awesome top tier paint job you have ever had. Not to mention my sweet custom bases.

So come to the Paintshop and let me paint something for you.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Imperial Psyker...Day Two

Day Two.

The base is finally constructed. The great thing about Pro Create is that it cures really fast and without light. The flagstones turned out beautifully...the tech box/relay/ thing not so much. The original wasn't very detailed and for some reason the mold didn't pick up on some of the subtler details on it. Still, it does add a nice touch to a simple flagstone base. If I can find a coffee straw, I might make some tubing that leads to the box...if nothing else to make it more plausible. Or I'll just say its a portable personal void shield... still plausible.

You can also see I have some stuff in some smaller push molds. I mixed up way to much kneadatite and luckily I had some bits molds for the excess to go in. Alas, no tubing molds.

I am opting for no servo skull with this one. I figured the base is still sort of "iffy" and I'd hate to waste a good plastic servoskull. I'll be primering grey for this model....while I'm very fond of black primer, this model has a lot of lighter neutral colors. And painting over black takes soooo long.