Friday, April 17, 2015

JTFC... that's a tiny goblin...

Over the past couple of evenings, I've been working on this fella when I have had a spare moment. This is a goblin archer from Red Box Games and sculpted by Tre Manor. Like all of his minis, this one is really detailed and chocked full of little bits. Also, it is really, really tiny. The model itself is the size of a penny and makes the goblins from the LotR game look huge. 

The only real gripe I have with the mini is the casting. Some rough surfaces on the flat areas aren't really visible until you paint over it. Had the same problem with a viking warrior model they did... he's going in the Pinesol this week so I can clean him off and then fix the worst of the imperfections.

I've opted to go with a classic Warhammer color scheme (although my fleshtone is much more desaturated than the models from the 90s were). This model also marks the first time I've used Reaper's Anti Shine additive as I used some of Badger's Minitaire paints for the purple. Without the addtive, those paints dry really glossy and shiny... and damn near impossible to knock the shine off of.

The model itself is about 90% done... just needs his legs painted and some of his equipment finished up... and maybe some of the tinier details picked out (claws, teeth, eyes). 

The goblin is part of a big commission job I'm just getting started on. I have three more Red Box goblins to paint along with previously mentioned viking, a "ranger" styled mini, and what I think is a halfling archer (although it may not be a Red Box model).

In non commission painting news, I'm starting to put together an painting instructional for Zombicide models. I'm dividing them up between the various types and sets (Walkers from Season 1, Fatties from Season 3 and so on). I'm probably going to start with the Fatties from Season 1 and I'll be doing them up in the color scheme from the box set. Don't really know what format I'm going with... more than likely PDF as video would require Diane to sit there and film me painting. The painting style will be along the lines of the "Everyday Joe Guide to Painting Models that Don't Suck Ass" mentality.

Now I'm gonna go try and sleep for a few more hours... my sleep schedule has been screwed for the last two weeks and there is no sign of it improving any time soon.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Warhammery goodness...

Worked on my Dwarf Miner Standard Bearer and my Reikland Mercenary a bit this evening. Not a huge amount of progress, but I still think I can wrap up the Dwarf Friday night. I got his gloves finished, along with the candles and the fleshtone. I used my custom fleshtone mixed with a little Bugman's Glow to give the dwarf a ruddy complexion. Candles... Ratskin Flesh basecoat and I tried to blend in some yellow at the bottom and red at the very tips of the flame. I think a little bit more glazing around the transition and the flames will be acceptable. Really trying to keep the techniques simple on the dwarf as I'll have to replicate it 7 more times to complete the Skull Pass Miners. Yes, I plan on painting the complete Skull Pass Dwarfs force by end of this year. I'll probably paint the extra Dwarfs I have and sell those eventually.

Reikland guy... besides attaching him to his painted base, I based coated his trousers with Mechanicum Red and his shirt with Army Painter Bone White. I'm keeping his color scheme simple... again, I have to replicate that paint scheme and style at least 2 more times after he is done. I think four mercenaries plus my Reikland metals should make a base size Mordheim warband.  Should make nice opponents for my Witch Hunters and Amazons (who also have to get painted at some point, but they are metal so they'll get extra attention).

Once I finish the Dwarf, I'll be diving back into commission work as I have a pile of it. I should have dived back in earlier in the week, but after getting nothing done while I was sick... I had to get a personal model in.

Possibly might paint an Ebaying model in the near future as well... although what I don't know.