Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oh Blog…I'm sorry I've neglected you so...

I have been neglecting my blog for far too long. It's been about three months since I've done a post that actually had any sort of content ( I don't count me whining about how I have way too much stuff in my garage as a real post).

So, first things first….let's get caught up on the last couple months worth of painting. Surprisingly, I've actual completed a couple of projects without getting sidetracked. I know…un-goddam-believable.

1. Reikland Mercenary for Mordheim

Mordheim is one of my favorite GW miniature games. I've always enjoyed the Warhammer universe, and Mordheim's imagery and miniatures were probably the most evocative of that universe's feel. I personally have collected a Reikland, Marienburg, and Undead warbands…along with about 30-40 plastic mercenary models (picked up a box of Empire Free Company guys when a hobby store closed).

Why did I decide to paint the Reikland guy? Pure laziness. I didn't want to mess with primering anything a couple of weekends ago. So I reached in to the drawer with all my "in queue" stuff…and this guy was ready to go (although missing his head). Luckily…there was a couple of white primered mercenary heads from 2001 in my Mordheim case (and now I try and primer the heads white whenever possible).

I kept his color scheme pretty simple as I was trying to see how nice I could paint a plastic model from 15 years ago (and those plastics…while really nice….lack detail).

One fun thing I did try out was some more demi metallics. I added Rain Gray to my gunmetal and got some fantastic results. The color looks a lot smoother and less speckled than just using regular metallics. For the gold, I added Ivory to highlight. It did dull down the highlight a little but it sort of worked for a more "military" styled model (I also mixed Greedy Gold into my usual Folk Art Pure Gold).
2. Blood Bowl Zombie

I like Undead…and I like Blood Bowl. Hence, I have two Undead Blood Bowl Teams...the Champions of Undead and the Necromancer Team. Back in October, I managed to have time off on a weekend…so I decided to do a full on painting project. The Blood Bowl Zombie seemed to be the best model for getting my mojo back.

I opted to use my own mixture for the flesh tone this time (Moss Green and a small hint of Antique Gold). Instead of going with the cheesy catalog color schemes, I opted to use the color scheme I had come up with years ago for my Sylvanian Levy (back when you could have living dudes in a Vampire Count Army). Simple greens and grays…dull and drab with a sort of Victorian feel.