Monday, October 31, 2016

A sneak peak at my some of my upcoming personal projects...

Things have been pretty quiet on here for the last couple of months. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I haven't posted anything since July. Granted... things have been kinda crazy... Gen Con, Kickstarters, slogging my way through six months of backlog, and much more. But as work stuff has settled back down... I've been slowly working through all my painting projects and commission work. 

I took a bit of a break over the last week to concentrate on assembling and prepping my next batch of personal projects... and here they are:

There is a bout 30 metal models in the photo... all ready for painting. About half of the models are old Harlequin Fantasy models (the undead and the barbarians) and the rest are a mix of Reaper and Ral Partha. Actually, I thin there is 1 Ral Partha model... the hill giant.

Not pictured... all the plastic models I will be working on. Why? I have a different prep processes for hard plastic models (GW and Mantic), softer plastic models (Zombicide and Imperial Assault), and Reaper Bones models. But there will be a fair amount of those as well.

I will probably end up doing some tutorials with some of the models... such as a revised undead fleshtone with the zombies, maybe a tanned flesh with the barbarians or the ogre.... and possibly a pallid flesh one for the female necromancer (althouth I also have a Diehard Necromancer that isn't pictured here that might work well for that).