Saturday, October 13, 2012

Workbench update 10-13

As you can see, I'm slowly getting back to painting once again. September and October have both been busy months with vet visits, lots of graphic design, illustration work, and tons of other stuff. But as I am wrapping up some of the longer term projects I had going, I find I have a little time to sit down and paint once again. Pictured above is "the queue"...or in Chaney terminology "all the stuff I gotta paint". 

Yes, there are quite a few historical models in the queue this time out. They are all part of the grand website/painting service revamp that I have been putting off for the last six months. Probably would have only been four, but it's not my fault that Skyrim and Mists of Pandaria are awesome. 

In the photo you will see a Germanian Tribesman and Viking Bondi from Wargames Factory. As much as I hate to say it, those will be representing the lowest cost painting tier as there just isn't much you can do to get them to a "collector" standard. The detailing is not that great (hands are pretty much a blob of plastic) but you do get 30 models for under $25 and they are good for filling out regiments (just not my regiments).

Next you will see a Viking Berserker and a Celtic Chieftain from Black Tree Design. Black Tree is my "go to" for historicals (although I'm sure Warlord will soon become my "go to"). They have great quality on a lot of their sculpts (not all...but most) and their prices are fantastic. Really looking forward to painting that Celt Chieftain.

Next, from Foundry we have Viking Berserker (I needed 20 for a regiment in Warhammer Ancients) and a Viking Shield Maiden. Scary thing is, I've painted both of them before, but I felt they needed a bit of a facelift.

And at the very end is an Imperial Assassin and a crewman from the old Empire mortar crew set. The crewman is almost done, just requiring a little bit of work on his leggings, shoes, bucket, and the feather in his hat. The assassin actually needs some more work as I don't care for some of the work on her bodyglove and purity seals.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back to painting this week....

After a three month crunch of graphic design and illustration work, I have some breathing room once again to do some serious painting as well as some serious reflection on my painting work ethic over the last few months (I'll be covering that in a later entry).

Projects in progress (or at least ones I have a photo of): 

The one to the left is a crewman for an old Empire Mortar from 1992.This is before they started mounting the mortars on wagons, so it is a "static" mortar emplacement. The models of the crew were sculpted by Alan Perry while the mortar itself is a Norman Swales sculpt.

Also on the bench this week...until I pitch it into the Pine a Sci Fi soldier type from Reaper Miniatures. I like the sculpt, but I'm not happy with my color scheme. Not enough contrast between the cloth and armore I think.

There will be a more in depth post on Sunday with some finished shots of the Mortar Crewman. Please bear with me while I get my painting back up to speed.