Friday, September 30, 2011

This week's desktop shot of the week....

After a lot of rambling entries and aborted projects, I cleared my desk off and started over...again.

As you can see, I have once again painstakingly chosen a model that I "really like" and am in the process of prepping him for glory...or utter failure. He will hopefully be accompanied by a Servo Skull. Why...because I like servo skulls. I have some Pro Create putty in a press mold of flagstones I made from a plastic toy. The idea being is that the Psyker is part of a force involved in a prolonged urban conflict/pacification. While the flagstones don't scream Sci Fi....I do think they sort of capture how I picture the gothic architecture in the 40K universe, spcifically the architecture on some of the older and more settled Imperial worlds. My hope is that the finished model will have a lot of character to him while still being viable for use in 40K..

Not in the picture is the giant container of painting failures who are about to meet their maker in a giant jar of Pinesol....scary thing is I have several jars of stuff. I'm kinda terrified to open the older ones from 98 as they were filled with nail polish remover and I know there are some models in there that have dissolved into sludge. I think the one that dissolved was an old Grenadier model though....or maybe one of the Ral Partha models from their Rallidium days.

So wish me luck in that the Psyker doesn't make a return trip to the Pinesol jar.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Starting with a blank slate.....

I cleaned everything off my desk over the weekend...including any half done projects. Those projects were subjected to a withering critique and were found not worthy of continuing...and therefore are now in the big jar of pinesol. Drastic....perhaps, but sometimes you just need a fresh start.

With that in mind, I decided to start everything back off with an old Librarian Terminator from Space Hulk seen below:

Right about now you should drop to your knees and thank your maker plastic model technology has gotten better over the last twenty years. But as he is a classic model, I've been going with classic paint scheme and style. His armor has been given a coat of Enchanted Blue with the exception of his right shoulder pad which has been done up in the Blood Angels style. I'm keeping the effects such as the glows pretty simple....I still think the older models look better with a classic style paint job rather than a fancy one with weathering and excessive glowing. Probably some sort of nostalgia I have for the old days of White Dwarf (when half of it was in B&W and there were tons of 'Eavy Metal photos by Tim Prow, Mike McVey and Fraser Gray (my biggest influences when it comes to painting GW stuff).

Stay tuned as i figure out what a classic base for this guy looks I have no idea.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New paintings.... might have noticed I've painted something. Tonight's subjects are a Chaos Space Marine belonging to the Purge and a Barbarian from Harlequin miniatures (sculpted by Kev Adams...and it ROCKS!). The CSM was originally for a contest on CMON...but there is no way I'll be done on time. The barbarian is for a contest on Beasts of War.

I'm not really big into contests, but I figure entering a couple might get my name back out there since it has sort of fallen off the radar over the last....shudder...ten years. Someone hacking your Ebay and email account can really put a crimp in your online presence. And add on that my site has been AWOL for three years now. But hopefully things will start picking up. And please, if you have any comments on these or any other of the minis I've painted, please leave a comment...or constructive criticism. Feedback is always appreciated.