Saturday, November 7, 2015

I amaze myself sometime at how bad I am at photography...

Quick update this week... got two finished models and two in progress models.

First up the finishes... keep in mind these are quick shots with the phone and not with a proper set up with the backdrop or good lighting (amazed how bad the lighting in my office is).

First up is Foxy Brown (or whatever the actual name of the model is). I finished her back in April but never took a photo of her finished. Planning on using her as a proxy for Zombicide. I'm actually planning that for many Chronoscope models. While I kept her color scheme and painting style simple, I am pretty happy with her fleshtone. I tried a new approach to darker skin tones and I ended up with a much more natural look than I thought I would. Planning on using this skin formulation on some upcoming fancier models (the ones where I do blending).

Next up is the Colnel. Another Chronoscope model which I've painted up for a friend for Xmas. While I'm happy with the painting on the model... I do have some gripes with the casting (I hope it's the casting as it's a Bob Olley model). I honestly thought it was an Old Glory model... but no.. it's a Reaper model. I also have the three pack they made to accompany him... which I am not going to paint. But since he has the same problems as an Old Glory model... I opted to paint him in the same style I paint all my Historical models in... the Foundry method. I think it works to help hide some of the models sculpting flaws.

Next up is a Skeleton from Wargames Factory. I like these models quite a bit.. they remind me a lot of the older Citadel Plastic Skeletons from the early 90s (and just as fragile). I'm giving them a suitable Oldhammer styled paint job and he'll be joining the ranks of my D&D collection.

Mr. Beefy got some work done. His head and back got some attention this week. I plan to give him a bit more over the weekend.

I've pretty much stuck to my standard layering method on this model as he's huge.

On a sidenote, you might have noticed I've been opting to go with more layering as of late. My biggest reason is time... layering is a nice fast way to get a neat appearance with good amounts of contrast. When you have maybe two hours a night during the week to paint and not much more than that on weekends, you need a shortcut or else you end up painting 4 models a year. Plus, I have a ton of Zombicide on the way shortly... so I need to work on speeding things up.