Saturday, October 24, 2015

Any progress is still progress... I guess...

I actually scored some time to paint this week. Not as much as I would have liked, but with my schedule I take what I can get. Across the top are my four current projects:
    • A British Colnel from the Anglo Zulu War which is a Bob Olley sculpt from Reaper. Since it is essentially a historical model, I went with a Foundry style paint job (although I did do a little bit of glazing on the jacket). You can see I did a fair bit of black-lining on where the straps meet his tunic. Still iffy on the blue for his pants. They are supposed to be Prussian Blue (I went a little lighter since he's a man of action and thus his trousers would have faded). You might notice his base is missing (but the gravel for it isn't)... welcome to the newest hell that has plagued me over the last couple of months. I've actually reattached it to the base using Gorilla Glue Gel... it's not the greatest fix, but once it dries and I touch up the paint it'll be fine. Once he's done I'll glue on a couple of dead grass bits and he'll be ready for whatever.
    • A plastic LotR Wood Elf Ranger. I think I first posted photos of him in April... close to this stage. Scary thing is, I had done up his color scheme in such a way I could "mass produce" his buddies... but then life gets in the way and my plans go flush. As he is now, he's about 95% done... he just needs some tweaks to his flesh, his quiver, and a generous application of Red Pepper Flakes... then he'll be done. Yes, Red Pepper Flakes... DIY autumn leaf litter.
    • The Harbinger of Darkness. In case you are wondering, he also fell victim to the gravel on his base giving up the ghost. So I rebased him on a lipped plastic base... I guess this way he'll fit in with the Thoth guy I did a few years back. He is also about done... probably 90%... just needs some details finished and the base needs another hit of black paint.
    • GW Minotaur #1... or as I call him Mr. Beefy. I think this is the largest model I've painted in years (non terrain). I painted his head and face back in September and he's been in limbo awaiting for me to build and paint his base. Simple enough, but again... life happens and plans go flush. He's been painted with a muted reddish brown... mainly as Minotaurs are NOT covered in fur. Seriously, these models and the Mantic Werewolves are basically nude except for tufts of fur and loincloths... frikkin' wierd man. I'm figuring he'll drag on for a while as he's literally the size of three models and has large flat areas that require some blending in order for them to look nice.
And that kids is pretty much all the painting I've done since the summer. I'm hoping once things settle down I can get caught back up on things (my commission pile is huge and I have xmas gifts to paint).