Monday, October 11, 2010

So this week's projects...

This week's projects are Anwyn, the Female Bard from Reaper and the Female Gael Champion from Brigade Models (or Ikore before Ikore sold off the line... and then became Urban Mammoth).

Excited to work on both of these as Werner Klocke and Kev White are two of my favorite sculptors. I don't know yet if the Celtos minis will find their way into my D&D collection as their scale doesn't jibe with most of my Reaper stuff. Odds are I'll just paint them all as one offs and just do a seperate collection or something. I don't know...

Now I'm off to sleep.

Friday, October 8, 2010

And so the gamer in me has once again come into conflict with the collector in me...

Here's a fun story. About a month ago, I was picking out some minis to buy myself for my birthday. I picked up some Reaper stuff I didn't have (which is saying something as I have or had their entire line) and a little something caught my eye. What was that?

Yep, these fellas. And when I saw them, I heard this little voice screaming out "BUY ME". Now, rational Mike said "You know that these are figures meant for wargaming...they aren't nearly as detailed as I like and are probably totally out of scale to Vikings I already have"...and the little voice said "BUY ME". This argument went on and on my head for two weeks...that is until I saw they were doing a 20% sale on this set. That's when the little voice screamed "IT'S TOO GOOD TO PASS UP...." and logical me was off having a sandwich or something. Long story short, I bought them.

So, fast forward about a week later, they arrive in the mail and I am as giddy as a school girl. I pop the box open and pull them out and view their gloriousness. Honestly, they look really good...much better than the zombies I had purchased from them the year before. So i set about assembling the first 4 guys....and let's just say the set is a versatile as an GW kit but the parts are about half the size. And I start noticing that they are not anywhere similar scale to my Foundry Vikings. First pangs of buyer's regret setting in. But I figure let's at least paint one and see how it goes.

Last night I primered and started on a Huscarl...just one so I can figure out my work flow for knockign through 32 of these guys. Every stroke of the brush, my buyer's regret is getting worse. I stop for the evening and pick them back up the next night. I am some what relieved by the fact the face is turning out well....but the more I paint the rest of it my buyer's regret is building and building..and now here I am.

These are NOT the minis for me. While they are head and shoulders above the vikings I've bought from Old Glory and the like...and if you are talking some real high quality bang for your wargaming buck, these are nigh unbeatable....but still just not right for me.

I just wish there was a charity or something I could donate these to so I don't feel like I wasted 20 bucks.