Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Epic project pt 3

Put the finishing touches on the Stompa. You can see it to the left with his little brother, the dreadnought. I have one more dread to go and then I tackle something out of my to-do bin. It has finally gotten to the point where I have to actually work on the stuff in it (crazy, I know).

Once the second dread is done, I'll do up a nice set of "glamour shots" for the three of them (along with several other models).

Friday, August 17, 2012

Epic Project pt deux....again...

Another update before I head off to bed. Mainly added metallics and started some of the detailing on the front of the Stompa.

The dreadnought also received an initial coat of metallic paint. I'll wash the metallics with black paint mixed with a bit of burnt umber. 

Both are coming together nicely. When they are done, I'll take a nice group shot of the two completed dreadnoughts and the Stompa.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Epic project part deux

Things are progressing along on my Epic project...not quite as quickly as I'd like, but progressing none the less. Since my schedule this week was actually kinda hectic with vet visits and cool new graphic design/art direction projects, I've only gotten to the second dreadnought and the first Stompa. 

As you can see, I'm sticking with the Evil Suns color scheme for the first part of the project. Once the five dreadnoughts and three stompas are complete, I will then switch over to painting some of the Stompas in Goff colors along with some of the infantry.

I've mounted this stompa on a 1 inch metal fender washer while the dreadnought is mounted on a half inch fender washer...both of which hav had gravel added to give it a "broken earth" appearance. I will be picking up some fine sand for when I do the infantry stands...the gravel comes up to their knees.

Stay tuned as I should have these two finished up on Friday night and will be starting on the rest of them on Saturday. With any luck, I should have the five dreadnoughts done and possibly two of the stompas as well.

Oh yeah...Imperial Assassin in the background. Have to make some time to work on her.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

my next "Epic" project....

Last week, I decided to clear my workbench of every current project (except for commissions) and start from scratch. All my half done projects either went in the Pinesol or the Simple Green... so clean slate achieved.

The next stop on "Project Get Out of a Rut" was to choose a project I could knock out rather quickly to build a little momentum. Something that could have a simple color scheme yet would allow me to use multiple painting techniques. With all that in mind, I went for Epic/ Epic 40,000/ Epic Armageddon. 
Since my Epic collection is pretty huge, I opted to start off with some early 90's Ork Dreadnoughts (shown here on the right). They are all based on half inch fender washers and have had sand and gravel glued to their bases. Why did I base them in this fashion? Easy, round washer bases just look better. The examples in both Epic and Epic 40k have dreadnoughts and other mid sized models mounted on rectangular bases made of plasticard....and they looked friggin' hideous. Seriously, one model on a 40mmx20mm base alone just looks awkward and horrible.

Once everything was cleaned up and based, I slapped a coat of primer on them. Even though I opted for an Evil Suns color scheme, I still went with black. For the record, now you can pretty much primer everything black since the foundation paints came out. The only thing I actually primer white now are models with massive amounts of flesh showing...like barbarians (or skeletons since they have massive amounts of bone white everywhere).

Once the primer had dried, I base coated the model with Mecharite Red and washed it with Ceramcoat Dark Burnt Umber. I then went and picked out the raised areas with Mecharite Red followed by Blood Red. I finally finished off the red areas with a highlight of Blazing Orange. The metal areas were given a coat of Boltgun Metal mixed with a small amount of Chaos Black. I then washed the metallics with Dark Burnt umber and once that dried, picked out the raised areas with Boltgun Metal.

I then basecoated the weapons with Chaos Black and picked out the edges with Fortress Gray. I then glazed with Chaos Black to take the intensity of the highlight down a few notches. I picked out the barrel of the las cannon and the missle with boltgun metal.

The "window" and the "access panel" on the front were painted with Scorpion Green and then highlighted with Scorpion Green mixed with Skull White. The dags on the shin guard and shoulder pad were painted with Bubonic Brown and highlighted with Bubonic Brown mixed with Skull White.

Once the other four are complete I will take a "glamour shots" style picture of the detachment.