Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Project Time!

So, I went into one of my big plastic organizers last week and looked through all the littler compartments for my follow up to the Tethru dude. I spent about fifteen minutes going back and forth between my Warhammer collection, my Foundry collection, and my Celtos collection. All three have some really fantastic huscarls, scantily clad Celtic Swordmaidens, and burly orcs...very hard just to pick one model. Finally I settled on my assortment of old Empire Flagellants for Warhammer. 

I actually picked them up in 2000 shortly after picking up the Warhammer box set (and that is the last one of those I will ever buy). I've thought about ebaying off all my old Empire metals...I did that with all the plastics in 2010...but I couldn't bring myself to do it. While these aren't as realistic or as detailed as the new kits, they have a certain charm and character the new stuff just doesn't have.

Anyway, back to the point...that guy is my project for the next couple of weeks. He'll probably end up being mounted on a 30mm lipped base like everything else I paint...he'd still probably work well for playing Mordheim or D&D...or as a henchman for m=I=nquistor. Who am I kidding, he'll end up sitting on a shelf or being given away as a gift.

I'm now going to go to bed as I spent most of my day driving around the god forsaken wilderness that is North Georgia.