Monday, April 14, 2014

What a difference 15 years can make...I hope...

Lately, my thoughts have been about one thing and that is Blood Bowl. Was it that I had eight full teams sitting there in various states of being painted...or maybe I wanted to paint something from the era when I had a full head of hair...who knows. Honestly, I have no idea why I do what I do...I just kinda stumble from one "adventure" to another.

So, I grabbed an orc lineman, pulled his old plastic slotta base off, and tossed him into a jar of Simple Green. I had originally thought I could just touch up the paint job I did the first time...but as you can way that would have worked. After he soaked in the Simple Green for a few days, I scrubbed the old paint off and set about giving him a facelift. 

This time around, I actually scraped and filed off the mold lines (shock!). I also removed what was left of his little Kaiser spike and smoothed out the top of the helmet (took about a half hour of scraping and sanding to get it just right). I then undercoated the model with Citadel Black Primer and touched up the spots I missed with Apple Barrel black paint (if you don't have Apple Barrel black in your painting arsenal, I highly recommend you get it).

While he is still in progress, I will share the color mixes I used for his flesh and armor. The flesh is a custom color I made by combining Ceramcoat Kelly Green with a drop of Charcoal and Antique Gold. I shaded this color with Ceramcoat Pine Green and added Old Parchment to create the highlights. A much more natural look than what I achieved by just adding yellow to the green all those years ago.

The Red is Ceramcoat Barn Red mixed with Bright Red. I shaded it by adding light glazes of Burnt Umber to the recessed areas. I highlighted by adding amounts of Apple Barrel Flag Red to the mixture.

The look I'm going for is a sort of 'Eavy Metal look from the mid 90's (or the McVey era). I could have used a lot of advanced techniques on this model...but I am of the mindset that a lot of the models from that time just don't look quite right with advanced weathering or shadng on them. I've taken to calling this whole thing Era Appropriate Painting. I deliberately kept the painting simple in order to achieve the look that was the standard when these models were in production. I tried to capture that Pre Bryan Nelson phase where the orcs where more goof ball savages than feral killing machines. I guess it's sort of me painting them the way I'd have painted them back then if I had the skill I do now...if that makes any sense. 

Gonna wrap it up as I need to get a little sleep as Monday is going to be a rough day to say the least.