Monday, May 25, 2015

Got a little painting in this weekend...

...not as much as I'd have liked as I've started hitting the gym. Trying to adjust things so I can fit that into my daily routine and still have time to work on things like painting and freelance work.

This week's painting has pretty much been these two sexy dudes. 

The elf got some additional highlights in and some clean up here and there. I've also glued him to his base and now I'm trying to find some autumn leaf litter for the base. Probably holding off until payday this week and then hitting Hobbytown USA or just ordering it online.

Goblin dude... well, I painted his spear and started the skulls. Oh, and his base got some attention as well.

Not bad considering I couldn't bend my arms until late Saturday.

Hopefully by the next time I post, Elfy will be done, second elf will be in progress, and the goblin will be done and just awaiting his coat of dullcote.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Night Gooberiness...

Having some friends over tonight for some hobby fun... the 1 inch tall plastic variety of friends that is. Tonight I start on two projects and continue on another (which I can hopefully finish this weekend). 

From Left to Right and Back to Front:
  • Wood Elves of Mirkwood from the Hobbit. Really nice but fragile plastics... a lot of tiny accessories that would snap at the slightest bit of pressure. I put pins in their feet and stuck them in cork "holders" for painting. Fun Fact... that's pretty much how I paint all my minis with few exceptions. I'll be using Army Painter Quickhade on these guys to speed things up a bit as I'm painting them in Autumn colors. With the exception of the green spot color, everything else should be fine to use the brown strong shade on.
  • Zombicide Angry Fatties. Working on the other two from the little box set that started my Zombicide craze. Their color schemes will be identical to the first one I painted, but with some slight differences (hair color) to tell them apart. Also using Quickshade on these guys as the bulk of the paint works with a dark brown wash.
  • Red Box Games Goblin. Again, no idea if he's a champion or a boss...or just some schmoe... but he has a ton of cool details (skulls). Got his flesh done and I'll be working on his dragonscale breast plate. Probably going classic gray with his wolf pelts. I really dig these minis although they'd be too tiny to fit in my collection.
On a sidenote, I need to get a couple of paint racks... if nothing else to hold all my non dropper bottle paints (I have a ton of Citadel, Reaper, Rackham, Target, & Badger paints just sitting in cardboard boxes).

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Another tiny ass goblin...

I don't know if this fella is a "champion" or "leader"... but I think he'd make a pretty good one. This is the second of the Red Box Games goblins I've been working on (there is another archer and shaman too). Took a week off from him to do a little experimenting on a personal project (messing with painting some non-caucasian skin tones for some upcoming Zombicide projects)... but I'm back on this guy again.

Once again, I've base coated him with a mix of Gnarloc Green and Waaagh Flesh over black primer. I painted the raised areas with a custom mix of my own... Kelly Green/Antique Gold/Charcoal/Sandstone... which was then built up by adding small amounts of Sandstone. I glazed it with Waaagh Flesh between each layer which helped give it a blended look. 

It may come as a shock to some, but I don't blend on every model I paint. I usually save that for those really sweet Rackham models I've been saving for the past 10 years or my Space Marines (which have been accumulating for about 20 years now). About 75% of the time, I use the layering technique. I've been doing that for about 15 years now and I've added some personal tweaks in such as washes and glazing to help get a quasi blended look. In the old days it allowed me to do up a pretty nice looking model every 36-48 hours. Sucky thing is now it takes me about a week to complete anything due to work schedule and personal commitments (having responsibilities sucks).

Here is another shot of the goblin. Going to go with a mix of Beastial Brown and Charcoal for his shield. As a matter of fact, I have colors worked out for everything except for the scales on his armor. I had originally thought about copper or bronze, but then I noticed he isn't wearing scale-mail. No, he's wearing armor made from Dragon Scales (or some other beast). So now I'm trying to think of which Chromatic Dragon to base the color on.  Red isn't a viable color as it would over power the other colors. Guess I'm flipping through my Monster Manual tonight...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Finished the wee Goblin....

Yes... that's a penny. Like I said... tiniest goddam goblin I've painted other than snotling hordes. I'm starting on one of his goblin brethren today... and more than likely employing my Foundry style of painting since they are so tiny. Should go by pretty quickly as my sleep schedule is normal now and thus all my cylinders are firing properly once more.

Colors wise, I kept him simple.
  • Fleshtone was achieved with Waagh! Flesh (or Ork Fleshtone if you still have the old paints) which was built up with Ceramcoat Kelly Green. I added a little grey in towards the end and added Pure White to do the highlights. This kept him from going too yellow (or Workshoppy).
  • Tunic was painted with Miniataire Ecchymose. I mixed some Reaper Anti Shine in to keep it from going glossy. The highlights were done by adding Warlock Purple to the basecoat. Definitely added more antishine as old GW paint gets kinda glossy.
  • Leathers and bow were done with Snakebite Leather.
  • Goody bag and fur trim on the bow were done with Vallejo Khaki.
Again, simple colors as it's a tiny model and very easy to overload. Should look really nice in a group with all of his goblin buddies.