Saturday, February 16, 2013

Personal Time'd

Taking a day off from my usual art and design stuff to work on a personal project. While I'd love to say this is something I picked up for playing Pathfinder or D&D (have the books for both), I'll probably end up using it for Fantasy Heroes from Two Hour Wargames.

It has a premise similar to Advanced Heroquest in that you "recruit" party members and set off on quests....sort of an RPG meets a miniature game. Sort of a win win for me...don't get me wrong I love miniatures and all, but playing wargames is time consuming and more or less focused on winning as opposed to immersion. Same can be said for RPGs as they tend to move slow and not really accomplish much (I played in a D&D game where someone spent a giant amount of time reading deer shit and communing with the middle of a dungeon).

I went with this miniature as my first adventurer...every group needs a wizard. Plus, I just really like this model...kinda Gandalfy...but not too Gandalfy...

Now time to kick it in high gear as I'm back to working on Pimp card art on Sunday.